so low..almost like pangsai-ing

I thought my eyes are playing tricks on me and I had to walk to the main road just to confirm my curiosity.

What am I talking about?

It’s the seating height at a bus stop that the row of seat was constructed low enough for one to sit uncomfortably. Then again being typically Malaysian, whatever you throw at them they will soon be jolly and gay. Maybe we are adaptive lot.

The height of the row of seat is so low that it almost look like those who are seating are pangsai-ing in public! I am pretty sure women who wear skirts will have a hard time to cover their modesty in full view of passing cars!

Maybe, that’s the reason why it is so low.

not low enough?

3 thoughts on “so low..almost like pangsai-ing

    • Hmm..could be..but what about those who are wearing high heels? It would be quite impossible to balance on those bars 🙂

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