it’s all about the first sniff

Last thursday I was watching CSI (season 10, episode 16) and it was aptly titled “the panty sniffer”.

The whole episode was rather strange  kinky as it involve the CSI team investigating a murder involving a murder at a “panty sniffling” party which is actually a booming business in some part of the world, Japan for instance.

I am rather amused as I immersed myself with the whole investigation by Dr Langston and Nick. Apparently, the more soiled a panty is, it fetches a higher price and of course the price factor does depends on its owner too.

In one scene, you can actually see different models (of course wearing panties) “acting out” different activities at their respective booths; pumping iron, cheer leading, dancing and even sleeping , so as to kinda “soiled” the panties they are wearing. Men with peculiar “noses” are seen going around sniffling, hoping to find their choice fragrance. Heck, there are even vacuum packed soiled panties on sale!

I laughed out loud when Nick Stokes asked Dr Ray Langston, “why do they vacuum packed the panties” to which Dr. Langston remarked with all seriousness, “it’s all about the first sniff”.

How come girls’ panties are valuable, and not men’s briefs?

Dr. Langston with the vacuum packed panty


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