our pontianaks need an image makeover, seriously

Of late, there were sightings of pontianak at one of the police station in Betong, Sarawak.

Few of our men in blue apparently saw the pontianak lurking around the station’s compound and they described the pontianak as having long hair and in white clothing..which is typically the exact image embedded in our mind for many many years, with the latest potrayal by Maya Karin in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam.

I, for one do think that for our local film industry, especially in horror genre,  to reach for a larger and wider sprectrum of viewership, we have to upgrade the image of our pontianaks, or even pocong to stay relevant in this modern times. For pontianak’s sake. please give them an extreme makoever!

Take a good look at Robert Pattison’s potrayal of Edward Cullen ( a modern day vampire) in Twillight and you will know what I mean.

He wears jeans, has luscious hair style, falls in love and even goes to college. Girls and aunties all go crazy over him, though he is a Vampire!

Guys hate Robert Pattison. I hate you, Robert.

For the western, to get rid of vampires or ghost, they have the “Winchester” brothers of Supernatural” fame. Girls swoon over their good looks. Getting a priest to is so yesterday’s news. So does getting an Imam or Uztaz.

What about our pontianaks? Pontianak’s favourite color is white, loves to hitch a ride on bicycle, doesn’t cut her hair and favourite place to hang out is, perching on bananas trees. Seriously, our pontianaks need an image makeover (its image has not changed since the 70s)

Do I believe in the supernatural? Yes I do as I have personal experience but this is for another day.



2 thoughts on “our pontianaks need an image makeover, seriously

    • I hate Christopher Lee’s potrayal of dracula! He scared the living daylight out of me..haha (of course I was a little Ah Boy then) 🙂

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