“this team is going to win..the players are so good looking!”?

World cup is here once again and this year the host country is none other than South Africa.

Whenever this biggest  sport event in the world is being played, you will be asked which country are you supporting and I can remember vividly whenever the Samba boys (Brazil) were playing, I will try my best to watch the game.

Everyone has his own favourite team, mainly based on the skills of the footballers and nothing else. Just the skills.

Well, that was  so yesterday’s news.

Sometime last week, I overheard from the radio where the DJ asked this girl, which team is she supporting and she said..”I love the Spanish team because the players are so good looking. They are going to win”!

Fuyoooh! Since when one’s appearance has direct impact on his footballing skills?

I can only deduce that sex does sells.

Nowadays, footballers are more like catwalk models. For example, whenever Beckham (England) changes his hair style, it triggers worldwide frenzy.

For me, give me Ronaldo (Brazil) anytime instead of Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

C. Ronaldo of Portugal



Ronaldo of Brazil


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