how do i stop making soy bean drink?

Everyone in the house snores and Celeste gets the brunt of it.

Besides snoring, I grind my teeth too, to the extent my sis in law says I can actually make soy bean drink from the amount of grinding during my sleep!

To stop snoring and for Celeste to have a peaceful sleep, I resorted to nose strip which is basically a sticky strip where I stick it on the bridge of my nose (supposedly it will open up nasal passageway for easier breathing).

Does it work? It doesn’t entirely stop the snoring but kinda reduce it.

Yesterday morning, I forgot to unstrip the nose strip and I was down with Celeste, waiting for the school van. And I was wondering why everyone was greeting me good morning with the friendliest smiles! 🙂

Now, how do I stop making soy bean drink during sleeping?

me and my nose strip


first day after school holiday

School re-opens yesterday and Celeste hit the bed by 10.30pm and within minutes, she dozed off. By 7am, I woke her up, with her sustagen ready.

She told me she felt fresh and was eager to be back to her school, to be with her friends, I guess. Celeste is one of those kids who adapts to new environment easily and in fact, her teacher told us that Celeste often asked whether she can be of help; like re-arranging tables and chairs and other simple tasks.

I, for one am not complaining.

She yawned while waiting for transport


Tabac,  the aftershave from German

It’s cheap and it’s refreshing and whenever I smell this aftershave, it reminds me of secondary school time. Time when having pen-pals was the rage and we used aerogram to keep in touch with friends or penpals from overseas.

Sadly, over the years Tabac “changed” its aftershave ingredients and I stopped using it for a while. It didn’t smell the same anymore.

Not long, I couldn’t find Tabac on sale anymore.

Imagine my sheer delight when I came across Tabac’s aftershave (original!) at Raffles City.

I didn’t buy it but I opened up a bottle and took of whiff of its unmistakeable smell.

Smell of the 80’s period.


Do you have any particular smell which reminds you of certain things?

Tabac aftershave

pudu jail and marina bay sands

Out: A portion of the Pudu jail, Kuala Lumpur wall was demolished few days ago, to make way for commercial development as well as easing of traffic congestion.

I am all for development, if it helps with improving our lives but sad because this wall is part of our history, albeit not of favaourable elements.

In : Marina Bay Sands, Singapore is now open to public. Besides the creme de la creme of the international celebrity chefs who set up operations, the towers actually tilt at 52 degree; 10 times more than the leaning tower of Pisa.

By the way, I wonder did any Malaysians actually get themselves a piece of the Pudu jail wall. Maybe one can actually sell on e-bay and make an handsome profit.

Who knows?

Pudu jail

Marina Bay sands

thrifty lots

I was told Singaporeans would not spent more than SGD5 during meal times. Anything more than that amount, it’s a luxury or extravagant spending.

So, best way to beat the crowd during lunch or dinner time, is to go to those outlets whereby an average meal is in the range of SGD8 and above. But of course, there are Singaporeans who are spent more than SGD5; maybe they too are trying to beat the crowd?

I was having lunch with Celeste when I saw a group of young working people who were intending to play the “Gashapon” aka toy vending machine and that’s when the coins (SGD3) got stuck. No amount of twisting and manipulating of the “coin return” lever could do justice.

I had thought they were going to give up and walked away until I overheard one of them said,”wah lau eh..its SGD3..I can get lunch already leh…”.

What did they do? They asked one of the staff from a Udon stall to get a maintenance guy; which the staff did.

Maintenance guy came, borrowed a paring knife from the Udon stall, poked here and there..voila..out came a toy capsule.

Happy ending for all. Everyone started to grin and smile.

SGD3 not wasted.


i feel naked without my sideburn

I had a quick trim recently and I usually would allow the hairstylist to decide on my behalf how best he should trim my hair.

Or what’s left on my scalp 🙂

This time, however I wasn’t too please as my sideburns were snipped.

Not trimmed but shortened.

And I feel naked without the sideburns as they have accompanied me for years.

where are you, sideburn?