what you eat is how your armpit going to smell

When we go about our daily activities, I am sure we do come across some people with body odour, so pungent that you get a jolt and the rest of the day, suffering from mild headache.

Everyone one of us has body odour, mild or otherwise. For me, it was a nightmare during my teens. Hormones were raging and I indulged in quite a number of sports and being having quite a hairy body didn’t help much.

I actually pity my friend (“kipas” Singh who was named as such after a ceiling fan came crashing down on him) who sat besides me in class, especially right after kelas jasmani.

No one didn’t know how to approach me. But my dad did as for him, smelly is smelly and there’s no in between. He suggested to shave my ketiak and even to the extend of cooking up the idea of going for an operation to remove my sweat glands!  I did wish then, we had Intense Pulse Light (IPL) procedure to remove those unnecessary bush. My dad actually surveyed Super Kinta and Yik Foong departmental stall, to look for a pleasant solution and he came back with Odorono roll on deodorant.

Using Odorono was like having to slather a thin layer of glue and darn, it was sticky. My pride bushes actually managed to tangle themselves and at the end of the day, my ketiak smelled like burnt rubber!

Of course now, we do know that what you eat is how your ketiak going to smell.

If you love your curries, of course your ketiak do smell a hint of galangal or even cumin. If you are a cheese lover, perhaps you can detect a hint of camembert (by the way, we were told by our Ah Sir, Gavin Smith that camembert cheese smell like a girl’s fanny..no wonder all of the students were keen to taste during that particular cheese tasting class – Isle Of Man)

I was told once, Japanese are very particular about body odour and employees were given some sort of crystal deodorant and that did the trick.

To the Japanese it is rude to have body odour (I could be wrong). Even if a Japanese has body odour, most likely it has a hint of sake or perhaps mirin? Since I am a coffee lover, perhaps my ketiak smell of Arabica beans? 🙂

For now, my ketiak‘s best buddy is “Smelly No More”, a type of crystal deodorant and I have not looked back since.


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