practice makes fluent?

What is seriously wrong with some people nowadays?

Not too distant ago, there’s such a brouhaha as to what language medium to use for education purposes, especially for Science subject and don’t get me wrong here as I am not privy to any sides of the coin.

I was educated in a sekolah kebangsaan and I love Bahasa Malaysia but that did not deter me from improving my English. My only regret is of course, I didn’t make the honest effort to embrace putonghua.

Now, coming back to my frustrations.

Of late, some quarters had wanted to change the idiom “practice makes perfect” to “practice makes fluent”. These people are of the opinion that the more you practice a language, you will be more fluent.

What a whole load of bats’ guano?

The idiom “practice makes perfect” applies to anything and all things you can think of, NOT confine only to language improvement.

Speaking of bat’s guano, I need to use the toilet now.


One thought on “practice makes fluent?

  1. first of all, they should tell the media to use proper bm words instead of borrowed words from english. imagine my disgust when i saw a billboard advertising for “eksibisi dekorasi interior rumahan”… heck even i know that the more accurate words SHOULD very well be “pameran perhiasan dalaman rumah”!

    also… the pink coaches for lrt? “koc wanita”… what nonsense, can’t they say “gerabak” instead of “koc”??

    the national language is dying

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