365 days, already?

(drum rolling in the background)

YES..Today  Yesterday was my 1st year anniversary of starting this blog..:)

I think I kept to my promise on the premise that this blog will be updated on a daily basis, irregardless of what topic I was writing about. With this posting, I have posted a total of 419 times, meaning on average, I wrote 1.1 per day.

Do I pass with flying colors?  

I don’t think there is such rule to benchmark unless the blog has been abandoned for ages, I reckon.

Do I enjoy the journey?

Yes, I enjoyed it immensely as it reflects my thought for the day and how I felt on certain subject.

Is it hard to blog? It’s very much depends on the subject and at times, the creative juice just isn’t there (blogger’s block?) and I somehow managed to soldier on.

I do wish I could write better..as a writer does but then again, I was told to just be myself.

Thank you for walking along with me for the past 300 odd days and I will be around for many years to come (i am crossing all my fingers and toes and wrinkling my face now :))


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