have a meaningful Wesak

I love this guy, Zubedy. Anas Zubedy.

He is one guy who is all for peaceful and harmonious living. Whenever he publishes a full page of his heartfelt message, I can’t help but really tabik this guy. All his messages really struck a chord in my heart and I am sure, it affects many others too.

I quote him (part of the message)…Encourage racial and religious based organisations to embrace a more universal approach. Promote inclusivity, when speaking of the poor, speak of the poor of all races, give data from all groups. When talking about uplifting education standards, talk about how we can lift the standards for all groups of Malaysians, not just any one group.

Further quote…Let our leaders know that we want them to speak to all of us, to all Malaysians, and not to speak only to Malays or Chinese or Indians or East Malaysians or Christians, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslims, for we are Malaysians and we are all these, so speak to us all as one, as Rakyat Malaysia.

Like I said, I tabik him.

Have a meaningful Wesak

have a meaningful Wesak


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