malaysians consume more fuel

Does it really surprise you?

When I read this, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be angry. Of course, we as Malaysians consume more fuel lar, even though the price of petrol has gone up significantly the past years.

It is pure common sense and simple logic.

All those Wiras, Perdanas and Kenaris still need to run and people still need to cari makan unless of course, going from point A to point B using public transportation is a breeze in KL. (No, we do like to spent more money to fill up our cars to go Pavillion and shop ourselves silly)

Ever wonder why majority of households have 2 cars nowadays (no, they are not showing off they are well off) ?

Take up this challenge. Go take public transportation from city centre to Putrajaya. If you still say it’s a breeze, ice white coffee is on me and you earn my salute 🙂

Oh yes, of course we can always take a cab. Unless you are expert at price haggling (though not all cab drivers are dishonest) you will have to pay exorbitant fee (flat rate)  from point A to point B which is just 15 minutes away?

Can we blame the cab drivers? Whether we like it or not, they still need to put food on the table for their family.

I recently read a book whereby the author asked of our policy makers to stop making new policies or law or bylaws..until and unless all previous approved laws are implemented and followed through. If you can’t make sure a new law is successfully implemented and beneficial to the commoners, why bother at all?

Very true, indeed.


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