new dragon place

What’s a new dragon place?

It’s a kopitiam, tuck away somewhere in Cheras which sells economy rice, noodles, and your other typical wok fried pork-crackling laced hawker fares.

This place is always abuzz with activities and noise, with the ladyboss yelling instructions to her workers, sorting out endless confusions between orders, like a Navy commander. Nothing much has changed, except the ladyboss has aged a bit and she stills call her son, “Boy” 🙂

I have not been to this place for more than 3 years and I decided to have my all time favourite item; “tau kok har kaw siu yoke fan” – rice with long beans, prawns and  roast pork. It’s spicy yet not too overpowering, salty but full of goodness. Either you like it or you love it. Your pick.

A glass of iced kopi O kao, sinfully rich carbohydrates and newspaper. What else could you ask for?

It’s definitely the place to be, New dragon place.

the signboard

the "culprit"


2 thoughts on “new dragon place

    • It is in Maluri :)..somehow it is not as good as before..they toned down the spicy factor now..i prefer the old version though..maybe not the same sifu

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