parking ain’t cheap

If you own a car in Hong Kong, it ain’t cheap to maintain your car. Ditto in Singapore. Perhaps, just perhaps that’s the reason why public transportation in these cities are much intergrated and seamless. And perhaps, because of these conveniences, parking fees are a killer.

In Hong Kong, you pay around RM20 per hour at least (if I recall correctly..maybe it’s higher now) and Singapore isn’t way behind. In Malaysia, you can still breathe a little better as parking fee is still quite reasonable at certain places.

If you were to park the whole day at Pavillion, then you might get heart palpitation unless of course you purchase anything more than RM100 and you get (if I recall correctly) 2 hours free parking. Same goes to KLCC.

However if you were to park the whole day at, say Leisure Mall or even IOI mall, you will be expected to pay RM8 or perhaps RM7 (as they charge something like RM2 for the first 3 hours and subsequent hour at….)

To have a rather stress free shopping or leisurely walk in shopping complexes (as you get free air-conditioning environment and you get to save on electricity bill)  during weekends, you have to “abide” by this rule.

Come early! As they say, early bird gets to park.


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