top ten, at least

Malaysia’s competitiveness ranking surged into top 10 in the world should bode well for fellow Malaysians as it literally translated as, the country is riding out of recession.

Best indicator of all, is the currently revised BLR  rate (most banks) to 6.05% and jobs are aplenty. People is still flocking to shopping complexes and spending power is back. Just go to any Paparich outlet and you will notice diners have no qualms to have a bowl of ipoh kway teow soup for over RM8 and a glass of Milo dinasour for over RM4.

On the other side of the fence, there are much to be done to attract foreign investors which I think I have noted these before.

What I am talking about is, drainage systems are much to be desired. When it rains non-stop for an hour or so, brace yourself with flashflood. The currently completed underpass / roundabout near Bandar Tun Razak, was not spared of poor drainage system.

 How do I know? I was one of the many who got caught in a massive jam as part of the underpass was submerged in water! The irony is, the whole of the underpass project took more than a year or so to complete (supposedly a huge project to alleviate congestion) and now it only takes a downpour to render the whole stretch of  road to a standstill.

And do we have to resign our fate and safety at the mercy of Mat Rempits? Not to mention tha appalling state of our public toilets and the the so-called intergrated LRT network? If I were to take the underground from KLCC and stop at Maluri station, I would still need to walk a good 30 to 45 minutes to reach home. Yes, of course I can opt for buses, which never seem to  be in sight. That’s why I prefer to drive, so do many others.

Then again, it’s definitely good news to know Malaysia’s competitiveness has been upped a notch, meaning all the hard work under the stewardship of PM Najib is coming to fruition. Now the challenge is how to translate the jump in ranking into more investments, both foreign and local.


2 thoughts on “top ten, at least

    • Milo dinasour is basically your usual iced milo with heaps of milo powder of top of the glass! Why it is call Milo dinasour, is beyong my comprehension. It originates from Singapore, though

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