It S-T-A-I-N-S

I love Bigen hair coloring kit for it keeps me looking, well, not my age.

I have gray hairs to cover every 3 weeks or so and I love using Bigen as one box allows you a few applications; meaning you get to save, unlike other brands where you need to mix all liquids at once. With Bigen, waiting time to look youthful once again is only 5 minutes and others, at least 30 minutes before you can see significant results.

Since I do not have Bigen in KL, not wanting to waste unnecessary money, I bought myself  “off-the-shelf” a  Henna coloring kit where I need to mix the powder with water, turning it into a glob of messy and goey connoction.

Besides being messy, it  S-T-A-I-N-S ! and besides staining my designer sideburns and my thumb, I stained my chest 🙂

Lesson to be learned? Some bodyparts are best to be left alone.


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