GF1 or G11?

A friend recently commented I should get myself a proper camera for my blog. I got the hint, yes.

I have to admit quality of pictures downloaded here are, either over-exposed, under-exposed and even the pictures are “noisy” (photography term for grainy-like quality)

I am not really into those “point-and-shoot” cameras, though no doubt these cameras offer convenience and save you the brunt of others who are not so patient (especially young kids) while you are muddling over  how much of depth of field  you are trying to achieve.

Give me a camera with certain override or manual buttons and I will be happily snapping away, trying out different settings, turning eveyone into a model.

To attract the camera of my choice, I have placed an order with the Universe to wish me any of these cameras 🙂

Yes, I am aware both models are Gs.

Canon G11

Panasonic Lumix GF1


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