5 ways to stress yourself silly and how to de-stress

If someone were to say, ‘life’s tough” and I will say, “go wear a helmet”.

In a gist, I discovered there are 5 ways (could be more) where you can stress yourself out for no reason at all and I am at hand to play stress-expert

1)Go drive a car whenever thunderstorm is looming as this is a ironclad way to get yourself get caught in massive jam (in Kuala Lumpur, that is).

Why is this happening?

As the saying goes, it only takes a downpour to cripple the whole of KL as everywhere will be flooded and idiotic drivers will start to turn on the car’s hazard light. Don’t they know hazard lights are to be used only when car is static? Then again, why bother? They are idiotic.

How to deal with it?

Either plan your journey well or pretend you fell ill and take MC. Or empty your bladder and grab a bar of snickers.

2) I notice nowdays people like to cut into your walk path, as if you are invisible and expect you to give way.

Why is this happening?

It is either they are blind as a bat or their ears are full with ear wax, hence affecting their sense of balance.

How to deal with it?

Just look up and don’t give way but of course you are at risk being stared at, as if you just groped their breasts. Or both of you can sway to left and right in unison before you ask, “shall we dance?”

3) Have you ever encounter while watching a movie,  boy will start to play story narrator to girl, (as if the girl is a moron) explaining why everyone is keen to build a new battery, in Iron Man 2.

Why is this happening?

I can only deduce the boy still has an unused condom and the girl, waiting to be harvested. Or the boy has just completed his holiday English course with Cambridge Centre and wants to show his mastery with gerunds and past participles.

How to deal with it?

Either you can report to the cinema usher that you suspect the couple is videotaping the movie using handphone or whisper to the couple to get a room at rumah tumpangan Ah Keong.

4) Have you ever drive behind a car who is hogging the fast lane, and this car in front was like moving at 50kph along Jalan Teknokrat, Cyberjaya?

Why is this happening?

Most likely the driver thinks his grandfather owned the road, or he thinks he is driving in Ipoh, where you will be slapped with summon if you drive above 50kph along Jalan Pasir Puteh (near Shatin court, by the way)

How to deal with it?

You can overtake the car and once you passed the car, look at the driver and signal to him thre’s a flat tyre. Or best revenge is, once you overtook the car, hog the road like he did and let him taste his own medicine. But since we have the most car bullies on the road, I would suggest to just overtake and go about your business. Safety is priority 🙂

5) Have you ever experience snail-like internet connection and all your work wasn’t saved when all of a sudden the connection disconnect? Well it happened to me last night as I was typing this and I had to re-type a  big chunk of it!

Why is this happening?

Welcome to Malaysia…truly Asia..(let’s hold hands and hum together). Don’t get me wrong. I love Malaysia and proud to be one. Just that, lots need to be done to achieve Wawasan 2020. We have Cyberjaya  but speed connection still much to be desired.

How to deal with it?

Every morning when you wake up, be grateful.

Be grateful it’s another fruitful day. Be grateful you are in love with someone who loves you too. Be grateful you have your health.

Most importantly, be grateful you are living in the NOW.

Or alternatively, go to Oldtown to get proper broadband connection, like I do. Or go round the  house to detect decent signal, like I do.

decent signal in toilet?


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