RM50 for homecooked dinner?

Kern, my sister invited me to her home for dinner as she thinks I am bored ever since I came back to Kuala Lumpur. I accepted her invitation, on the sole premise that I have not seen her cook before 🙂

Our age gap is like 17 years and I was sitting for my SPM when she was born. And now, she is cooking dinner for me..:). It only reaffirms one theory; time sure flies at godspeed.

I reached her place early, anticipating limited parking space for visitors and she had in fact did some mise-en-place. I asked her how much did she pay for all those ingredients and she laughingly told me it was in the range of RM50++.

RM50++ for a meal of 4 dishes for 4 person! I told her in Singapore, I pay around SGD50 for groceries and that will last me for a week :). Then again, Kern is one person who likes to see abundance on the table.

Anyhow, it was a nice dinner and of course China took the Thomas Cup, once again. I wasn’t surprised at all as Lin Dan played a much superior game against our very own Dato Lee. Maybe next time.

Kern, thanks for the dinner and I am glad you like the other “skinnier” piglet, as well.

serious "steam chicken" business

chicken not ready 😦


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