meal on wheels

Some might find it weird but I do like meals on flight or on bus. I can’t pinpoint why but the closest reason I can offer is, perhaps there’s nothing much one can do during a journey, eating will be a welcome activity to cut the boredom.

I took a luxury bus back to Kuala Lumpur last week and once we cleared both immigrations, I was looking out for the sandwich or burger of sort. Not that I was already hungry but  was merely looking forward what’s in store to fill up the tummy as the entire journey took a good 5 hours.

Meal came in form of a rather tame burger (not a sandwich as I hoped for) with limp fries and watery coleslaw. Some of the passengers didn’t finish the burger and one just took a bite of the burger.

I chowed down the whole patty with the rather dehydrated buns! Not that it was fantastic (in fact I can make a better burger if I want to) but it’s the meal on wheels concept that put my appetite on full gear. I just can’t explain why.

I am easy to be fed, I guess.

1st class burger?


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