a blogger and a writer with an stiff upper lip

I have never thought of having a blog on my own until I realized it can be a useful tool to pen my thought for the day, be it dramatic, funny or even down right ridiculous (just like when President Bush said, “read my lips”..by the way, I love my lips very much)

There’s differences between a blogger and a writer, though they write. Well, at least to me.

A blogger writes or lambasts away his or her thoughts and there’s no grammatical rules to follow. I am not saying bloggers are weak in English but we can use words which are only comprehensible to our own circle of friends. Facebook-ers are like part-time bloggers (or full time?) and basically the choice of words they use are a riot of confusion and funny at the same time. Most of the times, you need to play code breaker to decipher their lingo.

Writers on the other hand, they have to abide by proper England..oops  English guidelines. I don’t mean they write with an stiff upper lip but you know..prim and proper. Writers might sound serious but I do know of writers who write with much humour and they celebrate life.

 And of course, there are many who are both.

Which one would I want to be?

Let’s just say, there a writer in this blogger (as I do wish I can write with an stiff upper lip with proper England English)

p/s comments or criticisms are very much welcome


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