mamak..tolong kira

A typical Malaysian can’t do without mamak stall, me included.

Mamak stalls have their own unique charm and I always enjoy a cup of hot teh tarik while watching the world passes by, with of course a newspaper in hand.

What I observed is, there all some differences between mamak stalls in Singapore as compared to those found in KL.

In Singapore, stalls are of course a lot cleaner but not flexible enough. Case in point- I once ordered 2 pieces of roti canai (prata) and asked for additional plate and they refused (one set of prata, one plate). I guess there are unwritten rules they have to abide.

In KL, cleanliness are improving at certain place but when it comes to paying bills, they are more interested to talk to their fellow comrades, though I have placed my money into their hands. They just have to finish their conversation before I get my change!

Don’t believe me? Go observe and ask for “mamak, tolong kira”.







p/s by the way, I had stomach ache this morning


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