the pill

No, I am not referring to the pills offered by Morpheus to Neo in Matrix. It’s the contraceptive pill that I am interested in.

I do not know much of this pill(don’t even know how it looks like) but I came to know that this month is the 50th anniversary of the pill which literally changed women’s lives and sexual relationships.

Quote by sex therapist, Dr Ruth Westheimer, “how wonderful that a woman doesn’t have to worry all the time” which made me ponder. Why is it a woman’s job to worry and not the man?

What I am getting at is, there are many methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Let me decipher in simple language, the methods available and I could be wrong as I am no expert.

The methods are as follows:



Why?  Because there isn’t a single method which can prevent pregnancy 100% (not even if the man use double layer of condoms)

So, back to the question, why is it the woman has to worry all the time, and not the man?

Simple. Most men can’t multitask.


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