happy thoughts

I came across a phrase recently, “the only person without problems is a dead person” and how true it is. It is a no brainer that everyone has his own set of problems; be it big or miniscule.

Problems do not create havoc in our life. We do as we gave permission to problem to manifest its ugly head.

Problems have no meaning to it unless we give meaning to it. We give meaning to every results based on our past actions.

Everyone of us has a choice. A choice to decide whether an obstacle in front of us is a problem or otherwise, an opportunity for us to learn more of our actions as our actions lead to results; either it’s bad or good, it’s your decision. If it is bad, re-learn and modify our actions and behaviours. If it is good, better it for better result.

Does it make sense? I hope it makes sense as I am very much a happier person now.

Even Tony Stark aka Iron Man, has problems with his blood toxicity (mind you, he is a billionaire) and he tackled his mortality issue, his own way. He did not give up at all and did not hide behind the iron suit.  Guess what, he saved himself in the course of saving the world.

Lest we forget, Peter Pan able to fly because of happy thoughts. And how can I forget Archangel, Michael who solves problems of the hearts, with a happy heart.

So, before we go to sleep, feel free to fill your mind with happy thoughts. Afterall, happy thoughts are FREE. When you wake up, make a conscious choice to be happy about your new day. 

The best revenge to exert on your enemies who sabotage your day, is to thank them and forgive them.

Boy, am I good or what? Anyone willing to pay me to be your life coach?

Time to sleep with happy thoughts. 🙂

p/s maybe I should start free hug campaign..to make people feel better, huh?

p/s/s all we need is love..love…love (beatles)


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