Ip Man and Iron Man

Both are MAN and both are equally good. And both are sequels.

Ever since Ip Man wing-chun-ed his way to the big screen, there has been a surge of students taking up Wing Chun (of course its main popularity was partly due to Bruce Lee) . There’s even a short article in Star paper, introducing a Malay Wing Chun instructor and even a soon to be attempt by 1000 wing chun martial art practitioners to try to break one inch wood boards (using one inch punch) into Guiness world record.

 To catch on the fad, I even cut my hair to resemble Ip Man ; short and fuss free. Or maybe more like Au-yeung Bobby.

As for Tony Stark, who can fault a superhero who successfully privatised world peace and being a billionaire doesnt hurt at all, not to mention, a babe magnet. Could it be a man in a iron suite, irresistable? It seems the suits come with filtration system where Tony’s pee is filtered.

Who would I want to be, if I have a choice?

Since the wooden dummy most likely, higher than me, I can forget about taking up Wing Chun. As for being Iron Man, I am afraid of height..so flying is out of the question.

So who would I want to be?

I guess, Ipoh Ah Boy (man) is best.

again..download time is ridiculously slow..so no picture of me with Ip Man’s hair style.


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