Once again, I am experiencing deja-vu as I am typing this with a nagging feeling I had blogged about this. But then again, I trust Ah Boy’s memory for not failing Ah Boy.

Kern, my youngest sister recently asked me how much for the piglet soft toy I bought her not too long ago, as she intended to get another of the same.

Another of the same piglet? Heck, she even named the pink piglet, Ah Dou. Kern talks to Ah Dou and my mom is Kern’s sidekick!

Since Kern’s birthday is around the corner, I decided to get her another piglet and I even called her up, asking whether she would prefer a “lying-down-on-its-belly” piglet but NO, she wants the same piglet. A clone of Ah Dou.

The same it is, since she is the birthday girl 🙂


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