baa baa black, hokkien mee

When I was back to KL last week, the first thing my youngest sister took me for lunch was at Kim Lian Kee, Petaling Street. It’s hokkien mee is touted to be the best around with endorsement from Choy Lan as well as Ah Xian and this stall has been around long enough to see developments all these years.

We ordered hokkien mee, claypot lou shee fun and fried kway teow and of course hokkien mee was the star attraction. The claypot lou shee fun was quite good with a raw egg in the middle of the claypot and sadly the fried kway teow was nothing to shout about.

Would I come again? Why not, though the prices are a tad pricey as Kim Lian Kee is now housed in a shophouse, just across the famous air mata kucing stall.

Sis was a happy customer


best of the best..hokkien mee


claypot goodness


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