what a let down

I was at KLIA yesterday early morning, catching my flight and I decided to have my breakfast at my favourite place, Ipoh Old Town.

I have no complaints whatsoever with its food, just the level of service rendered.

Firstly, my order of Iced Ipoh White Coffee and kaya and butter toast almost did not see the living daylight. Order was placed at exactly 7.11am but my breakfast did not come even after 15 minutes (there were at least 4 service staff in the kitchen and they were playfully joking around). Only when I gave a constipated look that they realised something was amiss with my order.

Guess what? They can’t even figure out what  I ordered and had to get my receipt to double confirm my orders. A caucasian even came to the counter, waving his order number, indicating he was still waiting for his food. I wasn’t too surprised that the staff,  again can’t figure out the actual order of the caucasian.

Secondly, my kaya and butter toast wasn’t kaya and butter toast, but disquised itself as plain thick toast. By this time, I am just too frustrated to voice my protest.

I still love my Ipoh White Coffee and I am hopeful that the Management will tie up the loose ends and it make it a more pleasant dining experience.


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