are you a soft addict?

Soft addict..that’s a new term I learned recently from a woman magazine.

It simply means you can’t do without technology or online games or gadgets like your iphone.

Do you have a sudden urge to update your Facebook status while in the boardroom meeting or wanting to tend to your “farm” when you are watching a movie? Or maybe you have a inner feeling that you have an incoming mail which you need to check right NOW?

Perhaps, you know that you are needed “urgently” to approve a friend add-on request?

If you smile upon any of those I mentioned, you are a soft-addict. Confirmed.

First thing I do, when time permits is to check on my friends’ activities / updates in FB.

Next is, to check on friends’ blogs and put forth my comments..and of course, updating my own. And I realise I can’t go out without my phone, not because I needed to make calls but in case where I need to take snapshots 🙂

facebook addiction?


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