there’s hope still and the circle line

At last, there were 2 person proved me wrong two days ago.

When myself and Celeste went for her second violin class, we were actually offered seat on the MRT by 2 young malay youngster.

The first time was offered by a young malay girl who was with her boyfriend and the second time was offered by a young malay boy (on both occasions, they insisted that I take the seat despite my friendly protest that we were almost at our destination).

At least, there’s hope and I was darn happy to be proven wrong.

And what’s with circle line?

Well, since it is in operation, I decided to devise a plan to cut short our travelling time by hopping on the yellow line. “That a circle line, daddy,” Celeste would persistently remind me how best to call the yellow line.

While I was studying the new route to cut short travelling time back home, Celeste confidently remarked, ” daddy, we change at Dhoby Ghaut and change again at Paya Lebar…” . I was happy that Celeste able to make out the exact route although I was mildly shocked at her learning pace.

When I queried Celeste why are there a few lines running through Dhoby Ghaut station, she meekly answered, “’s a interchange station..”

I couldn’t be more happier with her good sense of direction (if you give me a compass, I would still get lost)

Celeste on the circle train


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