do lightning strike twice at the same place?

Scientifically lightning does not strike at the same spot, twice (unless you said it did in Tom Cruise’s War of the world) but a similar incident happened to me for the second time two days ago.

It happened at the same place, which was at Tampines 1 and with Celeste too.

We were on the way to Tampines 1 to get strawberry yoghurt when someone tapped my shoulder and said to me in mandarin , “..your trolley wheel is behind you.” and his hand was gesturing to the main staircase where the most human traffic was.

“It happened again ar..daddy?” Celeste asked me in disbelief. I kept quiet but I had actually wanted to laugh out loud as onlookers actually stopped in their steps..wanting to observe how I put the wheel back on.

We had our strawberry yoghurt and did our grocery shopping at Cold Storage. Before we left, Celeste wanted to have burger as she claimed she was hungry. When we reached McDonalds, she changed her mind and said she actually yearned  for the vanilla sundae which I used to get her whenever we were at Leisure Mall.

I looked at the display menu and I saw no such vanilla sundae. Yes, they have those with assorted toppings like oreo..and they have smoothies..but no plain vanilla sundae.

Celeste insisted she had tried that before at this particular McDonalds outlet and was adamant I asked the auntie. When I asked auntie whether we can get plain vanilla ice-cream..she gave a motherly smile and nodded to Celeste. Celeste then turned to me in a victorious manner and said, ” I told you so, daddy”

Celeste with her strawberry yoghurt


Celeste with vanilla sundae


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