happy mother’s day..err or father’s day?

Shin signed Carment and Celeste up for a day’s baking class at Inter-continental hotel last Sunday, in conjunction with the upcoming mother’s day. It is a “mom and girl” bonding do, so to speak

We reached the hotel 10 minutes before the start of the class and of course parents took the opportunity to snap pictures like a “mother and child lookalike” contest. That included us too 🙂

Since there was another dad at the “crime scene”, upon urging by Carment, I asked one of the hotel staff, with all seriousness whether I could stay in the class..you know just to kaypoh.

I was given the permission to stay on although from the facial expression of the staff, I knew  he was hesitant. But hey..I was needed to do the hard part of cookies making which is creaming.

Creaming is the process of mixing butter and sugar together until they are sebati. Carment was thankful I was there to assist and like I said..I was needed. The rest of the process was relatively easy peasy with mixing dry ingredients into the “butter and sugar” mixture and turned it into a rather soft and wet dough (sweet dough)

It was rather a sight to watch the rest of the mothers as to how they worked hand in hand with their kids. Some mothers are serious with the task..making sure they did the kneading all by themselves and not their kids..some are systematic with how to decorate the cookies and some are meticulous with the size of the pinched dough and of course some were there..simply to have fun.

Initially I was pretty serious with the task until Carment knocked some sense into me, asking me to just  relax and start enjoying the process. What do you know, I started to enjoy the process and making silly and odd shaped cookies. Afterall, this is not a baking course which I took years ago (where you need to pay rapt attention)

Carment enjoyed the bonding. Celeste was proud of her “extra large”  size cookie.

And I was glad I did the creaming.

before the start of the class

Both Cs with the baked cookies

me and celeste with the cookies


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