what a labour-ious day!

Again I made a trip to Johor yesterday, not knowing what to expect on Labour day.

I do know for a fact that Singaporeans love to crossover to Johor for public holiday’s shopping and boy, was I shocked at what greeted me when I reached Kranji station (to catch bus SMRT 170). Ocean of people were seen queuing up patiently waiting for buses and the queues seemed without a tail.

If there’s something good on the platter, Singaporeans will queue up. Lenght of the queue  isn’t of paramount importance as long as they get a piece of the action, which I think makes sense.

Anyway, I spent the whole day at City Square and even managed to watch my hero, Donnie Yen in Ip Man 2( his best ever role! ) as well as bought some bakery stuff from Lavender (the same as the Lavender outlet at Pavillion)

Have to remind myself not to visit Johor on a public holiday, if I can help it.

kranji station




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