coca steamboat

We decided to have steamboat yesterday and the best choice I guess,  was to have it at Coca steamboat restaurant, Takashimaya. It was a “farewell” dinner of sort, for Jasmine as she is flying back to KL today (Sat).

The first time I had steamboat at Coca, was at KL Plaza back in the early 90’s and it was such really an experience (I am not too sure whether it’s the same Coca group with Singapore’s). Whenever we asked for refills, say for example mushroom..we were greeted with 6 miserable mushrooms on a large plate. Practically we had to keep ordering as the portions of food were simply, PATHETIC.

However, this time round, it was a totally different story. Tummies were filled, ingredients were fresh and everyone were happy. Service was prompt and the portions, most importantly were decent.

I am never quite a steamboat fan as I don’t have the patience to wait for ingredients getting  cooked slowly in broth, unless they serve nibbles like deep fry intestines or kam heong lala to render the waiting process, less painful.

Both Cs and Jasmine


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