3 feet apart..the very least

I was trying to pay my phone bill yesterday, using  SAM (self -sevice automated machine), which is similar to AXS and me being a virgin (with SAM anyway), I  politely gestured to the person behind me to go ahead (as I wanted to observe how to make payment etc).

I was like, at least 2 feet behind him and this actually made him wary of my intention. He kept looking back, pretending to look elsewhere and at the same time, had a quick glance at me making sure I wasn’t having a knife in my hand. 

I am sure he isn’t gay and even if he is, I am sure I am not his type  (how sexy or macho can you get if you were wearing flip flops, bermuda and a trolley full of groceries?)

Then I remembered I am supposed to be standing at least 3 feet apart to the person in front of you. I do think it’s only polite to do so, unlike back in Malaysia, you can actually hear the person behind you, literally breathing over your shoulder!

I have to remind myself..at least 3 feet apart.

At least.

polite to do so


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