a sunday with jasmin

Yesterday was a rather exhaustive day as we went out early in the afternoon and reached home right after 8pm.

 Jasmine, a close friend of both Carment and Shin came down for business trip and we met at Raffles Place shopping complex for high tea at Plaza Market cafe. Been to this place a couple of times and the only thing that caught our fancy was its durian pudding. It’s almost pure durian pulp and it won’t dissappoint durian aficianados!

By 5pm, we were at K Suites for karaoke session at Bugis Junction. As I am terrified of singing, I excused myself  and went for a “10 minute” haircut. Carment has been complaining about my hairstyle, saying my look was “ng tim tong” or loosely translated as “doesn’t cut it”. Siew mentioned my previous hairstyles were more upmarket, unlike now 😦

This time, I guess I look much better after the hair cut as Carment gave an approving nod though she prefers me to have it shorter.

For the rest of the karaoke session, I was youtubing “Barbie” movie with Celeste to keep her occupied while the rest of the gals sang their hearts out.

Will meet up again for dinner before Jasmine leaves. 

jasmin with celeste









waiting for my haircut

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