bos, sudah lupa sama saya ka?

Again, I was in Johor yesterday morning and this time, I did enjoy my trip albeit a short one.

This time I decided to walk myself to City Square complex from CIQ, not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised by the short and comfortable walk (as it is a fully covered walkway)

Upon reaching City Square complex, I felt comforted and truly delighted when I saw Old Town kopitiam and MPH bookstore. In fact, I was spending most of my time at MPH, combing and thumbing through new cookbooks, magazines and what have you.

I thought I wouldn’t  bumped into someone familiar, until I heard someone greeted me, “bos, sudah lupa sama saya ka?” It was erm..”boss” ( boss, teh tarik satu…boss, tolong kira..etc) well that’s what everyone called him when we were working at Desa Sri Hartamas.

Before I left for Woodlands, “boss” made me promised to go for a teh tarik session with him the next time I am in Johor. I guess I have to ask him how should I address him, the next time we meet.

the "boss"


City Square complex


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