why play violin on shoulder?

Of all musical instruments, Celeste is more inclined towards violin and I certainly hope so. You see, some of these music schools  has a unwritten rule whereby either the father or the mother has to learn as well, just as to “tutor” the child at home. And violin is a good option as it only has 4 strings, unlike piano.

Yesterday was Celeste’s trial class, just to gauge her interest basically and I was “gently” reminded that “parent should know the proper way to hold the bow” and to correct Celeste’s whenever she holds it incorrectly.

The more I listened to music theory and the anatomy of a violin (like why we need shoulder to play the violin?), my mind was pacing fast and everything became frosty. I kept reminding myself to memorize all those “fast facts” about violin, so that I can appear useful whenever Celeste is in doubt.

Then again, I do thank my lucky star as Celeste isn’t keen on ballet as I am positively sure I would look ridiculously ugly, in tutu.

By the way, since a violin does not have any feet, one has to place the violin on one’s shoulder to play.

Celest was all excited before the trial class


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