can you add me?

There was an interesting article last Saturday where it was a “friendly”debate as to whether parents should ask their children to add them on Facebook accounts.

Naturally, most of the teenagers are not in favour of adding their parents as friends: for fear of being “reprimanded” after posting “unruly” or interesting pictures to being labelled “uncool” by peers for having their parents as their top friends.

One teenager has been postponing his parent’s request that he often acted “blur” whenever they reminded him of their friendship request. But of course, there are children who are more than happy to add their parents as an avenue to keep each other update on their daily “activities”

Then again, experts quoted as saying that “parents should separate their children’s social arena from family arena”, to which I think it makes perfect sense.

When I told Carment that I would not be asking Celeste to add me, to which Carment replied, “you won’t but you will create another account, pretending to be someone else and ask her to add you”. 🙂

I have thought of that but I hope I wouldn’t resort to that. Unless she wants to add me.

add me?


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