red plum

Celeste loves  her fruits for which, I am thankful.

Usually, right after her main meal she would go to the refrigerator and dig deep for any fruits and I would oblige her orders. If she is too lazy, she would take an easy way out: she would ask me whether there’s any fruits in the fridge, just like last week.

I remembered I bought some nice red plums and decided to give Celeste a try. While I was peeling the skins off the plums, Celeste came to the kitchen and asked;

“What fruit is that, daddy?”

“That’s nectarine, darling” I answered (not knowing I wrongly mistaken the plums as nectarines)

“It looks kind of different. Maybe it’s not ripe”, she suspiciously replied.

“They are already ripe, darling” I told her confidently.

“Then maybe, they are over-ripe, daddy”, she walked away as she wasn’t convinced the fruits were nectarine.

A minute later, she came back to me, asking to test taste a slice of the cut fruits.

“It’s plum, daddy”, she retorted

“ go and eat your plums”, I shooed her.

Nowadays, kids know their fruits!

red plums


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