for the last time

For the past 20 odd years I had been toying with the idea of keeping beard without much desired success. Maybe it is a guy thing wanting to keep beard to look different, macho or even come across as tough and I certainly fall into one of these.

Guys can either look good with beard or otherwise and I think I fall into both sides of the coin, depending on whom I ask. Some of my close buddies do envy me of my five o’clock shadow, grudgingly saying  typical chinese men do not have much facial hair or even body hair. I guess I am not your typical chinese man but I am sure certain quarters beg to differ.

I had, on numerous occasions kept beard and the longest I didn’t shave was 2 weeks (I think) and my dad actually asked me, “Why?”.

Good question, why?

I guess it was more of an ego trip (well, most of the time anyway), which led me to nowhere except feeling lousy about it after a week or so. Subconsciously, I think I still prefer myself to be clean shaven. I am almost certain of it.

So, for the last time no more beard for me unless the beast in me takes over and wanting to look like Logan aka Wolverine 🙂

2 thoughts on “for the last time

    • Fay, you are the only one who’s in favour 🙂 the rest gave the thumb down..haha. I guess you are right..only once in a while

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