marche @ orchard 313

Again, we were at Marche for lunch last Saturday and this time we went to the new outlet @ Orchard 313 (or is it Somerset 313).

Carment had a thing for Marche’s rosti and its mushroom soup (KL’s version was a bit watered down), hence we decided to lunch there.

Food was good as usual (now they even served pork knuckle – ginormous!) but not as fantastic as compared to the first time. I am sure the food quality has been maintained throughout the  years, and I very much suspect our expectation towards food had changed, somewhat.

What made it memorable this time, was the iced latte I ordered. It was full bodied, milky smooth and easy on the throat. Carment and Siew (who are not coffee drinker) even loved the latte. 

Before we left, I grabbed an opportunity to snap a picture of its  male washroom. Of course, I pee-d too.

one for the camera


wine promo @ the urinal


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