bread and ice cream and girls

I saw an ice cream vendor just outside Orchard Central last saturday and he sold ice cream with bread. And I was happy with what I saw.

I do know lots of people can’t understand the rather odd combination but the sight of the ice cream vendor brought back my childhood memories.

“Min pao shuit kou”, that’s what we called bread with ice cream back in Ipoh. As a kid, I used to have bread with ice cream at my grandmother’s place, together with both my uncles, most of the time

We would know the arrival of the ice cream Ah Pek, long before he passed by grandma’s house, as he would peddle his “cool wares”  shouting at the top of his voice, “ice cream”..and us kids will start to gather around his rusty old bicycle and placed our orders.

There were the normal ice cream cones and of course there were the premium “min pao shuit kou”. I can’t recall how much for the ice-cream but we would always go for the premiums (just to impress the local girls)

Funny thing was, I never really liked the combination of bread and ice cream which I think the bread became too soggy even before I could finish the scoop of “jagung” flavoured ice cream.

It was really to impress the local girls, I kid you not.

"min pao shuit kou"


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