pork-iest ramen ever

Carment had a craving for authentic japanese ramen, hence we headed to Somerset area yesterday, anticipating a feast.

A real feast indeed and I vowed literally to both Carment and Siew, I will not cook pork dishes for a long long time. Three of us ordered the most popular item the restaurant is famous for (afterall it has 5 star rating on the menu!) and expecting a memorable ramen feast.

Ramen came. We tasted and we slurped.

We devoured the seemingly endless pieces of pork fats, slivers of pork neck and more pork fats. And more fats.

The more we swallowed the “melt-in-your-mouth” pork fats, we got sleepy that it was a struggle to open our eyes. At one point, Carment yawned.

Though service staff was attentive and the ambience welcoming, we agreed not to return for the fats.

Siew engrossed with the egg!

Siew truly excited prior to eating

Siew "forced fed" herself


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