spelling and writing

When it comes to English spelling, I have no problem going through the whole revision matter with Celeste. Afterall, Celeste’s current preferred mother tongue is English.

But when it comes to chinese dictation ( thieng sheah), I am totally clueless. Big time. Celeste doesn’t really hate it but not really welcoming the words willingly.

Siew gave me a crash course on those common strokes which make up chinese characters; let’s see..hmmm we have “hern”, “shuuk”, “pieak”, “nah”, “dien” and “gou”. Right now, this very moment as I am typing this, I can feel my head is throbbing.

Feeling confident after the crash course, I did a “chart” which shows different strokes that eventually made up a word, hoping that it made life easier for Celeste, mine as well. I am praying hard it works.

When Siew saw my handwritten chinese characters on the breakdown “chart”, she volunteered to redo. I guess my handwriting sucks.

p/s Auntie Angie, I miss your “spot-the- questions / soalan-soalan ramalan” excercise. Life was much simpler with your printed pre test exercises!

my "stroke chart"



Celeste not liking it at all


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