Nope, I am not talking about love and kisses but XO sauce. (or is it hugs and kisses?)

I have been wanting to get a bottle of XO sauce by a popular brand as condiment but I think that it’s a tad too pricey for a small bottle. So I started to entertain the idea of making my own concoction of XO sauce.

So two days ago, myself and sis in law, Siew decided to stock up essential ingredients at FairPrice and had breakfast at my regular hangout stall.

To make XO sauce, one would need to have patience as you need to keep stirring the ingredients over low heat for almost an hour. I have decided to make it a non spicy XO sauce as no one can actually take it hot.

The main ingredient for XO sauce is, of course dried scallops which you need to steam until soft before you need to floss it by hand.

As I mentioned, if you want X and O, you need patience.

Siew and her breakfast

XO sauce..full of xoxo


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