pee then flush or flush then pee?

Normally I don’t really pay attention when I pee. 

Then I just realised something.  Generally there’s 2 ways how guys pee in front of a urinal.

Firstly there are guys who pee  and then flush. Then, on the other end of the rainbow, there are guys who flush, then pee.

Then of course, there are guys who don’t flush at all. They just pee. OK..that’s 3 ways.

Because of hygiene, I fall into the former category (afterall, guys need to support their penises when peeing, unless it’s awake!

When I was peeing in a toilet at Parkway Parade recently, I noticed a sticker and my first thought was that my previous hotel could have used this “no water” urinal technology. Afterall, guys who checked in to THE hotel, do not flush.

They just don’t flush.

Maybe they are just being wise, not having to touch the flush button by refusing to flush. Who knows?

for now, I just pee


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