kotaraya bus terminal

No. I wasn’t at Kuala Lumpur’s kotaraya. I was at Johor’s kotaraya bus terminal last saturday and it was my first time ever to Johor state. I mean, actually walked around and spending time mingling with Johoreans.

The whole trip of taking MRT to Marsiling station and taking a bus (no 950) through Woodlands checkpoint , Malaysia’s CIQ, waiting for bus again to Kotaraya bus terminal took barely over 1.5 hours.

Once the bus was on Malaysian soil, I was delighfully greeted with blaring of car horns and people conversing in Malay. Though it was raining, it did not damper my spirit the least bit. I was looking forward to see what Kotaraya has to offer.

As the bus slowly approaching Kotaraya, my excitement was doused almost instantaneous. It was like OK Corrall, so I thought. The place was an empty car park / bus lot, devoid of the hustle and bustle of a city.

Since I was famished, I lazily stopped at a gerai and ordered myself a hot glass of local kopi and mee goreng campur telur dadar.

The noodles was pretty decent but the coffee was disappointingly @#*&^@! The only saving grace for the dining experience was the choice of music played in the background. “Bronski beat” and “Spandau ballet” were being played by the two Makciks!

I landed myself after dinner, of all places, a PC fair right across the bus terminal.

Before I re-entered Singapore, I managed to take a dump at The Putri Pacific hotel (whenever I see a 5 star hotel, I always have the urge to pass motion. I am just as puzzle as you)

kotaraya bus terminal

mee goreng and kopi

PC fair


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