which facebook?

Recently my sis in law, Siew warned me not to use certain login page for Facebook. I don’t blame for her concern.

Of late, there are users who complained their “private photo” collections are not that private after all. Personal informations can be retrieved or siphoned and a cloned of your identity can be made possible.

So, what did I do?

I did the logical. Just reset all privacy and security features, just to be safe. Had to be kiasu a bit la., not that I have “private photo” collections anyway :p

genuine login page?

fake login page?


One thought on “which facebook?

  1. no such thing as the real and fake, gor. basic html thing hehe. just because the logout page has a longer link, ppl spread rumours that it’s a fake facebook. the main domain is still http://www.facebook.com so it’s genuine. it’s only fake if that main domain name is different 🙂

    as for the privacy setting, yes that is neccessary to check lol.

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