my first time..really

Let me be brutally honest here. There’s no words to describe my first time when I did it.

Or rather when I cooked these new dishes for the past days :p

The first dish I decided to give it a go (cooked once but turned out a disaster) was, chinese mustard leaf with sourish broth..(shuen choy) or do we call it “chop suey”?

I saw fresh mustard leaf on sale at NTUC Fair Price and it was a last minute decision. This time, it tasted much better than the first time and it’s not bitter tasting anymore (hint: to parboil the mustard leaf prior )

Second dish I was particularly proud, was taiwanese style braised minced pork (rou chou). Carment said the taste is almost like the real mc coy. Not bad for my first time.

Yesterday morning, I decided to make porridege as Carment wasn’t in the pink of health.  Carment said since I don’t eat porridge, I wouldn’t know how to cook porridege.

Anyway, I decided to go ahead to cook plain porridge with dried scallops and pork ribs. Quite flavourful, remarked Carment. And quite goey as well.

There you go..these were my firsts.

sourish mustard leaf

taiwanese braised minced pork

scallop porridge


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