teaching her from young

For the past days, Celeste had been rather inquisitive about what I was cooking in the kitchen. Most of the time, she would ask me to carry her to let her have a clearer view of the stove. She would then asked for permission to “help” me with the cooking.

Like today, she wanted to know how do I cook rice. So instead of letting her watch from afar, I let her do the actual “work”.

I guess it’s never too young to start cooking.

am i doing it right, daddy?

serious business


2 thoughts on “teaching her from young

  1. lol cute… i remember when i was very young and wanted to help with the cooking, mom taught me first how to wash and cook the rice too

    • me too..the first thing i learned to cook was rice..had to do it as my mom was sick..i think it was when i was in primary 1

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