she eats and sleeps and she knows her rice

Siew is back from KL today to attend an interview and I had purposely made her favourite lotus root soup with extra ingredients: chicken feet. It did made a whole lot of difference, according to her as the soup tasted sweeter.

Whenever I cook dinner, I would ask Siew how much rice is she going to eat as she loves the way I cook rice: which is  not too dry nor soggy. Just fluffy and grainy.

If I cook more than 2 dishes excluding soup du jour, she would ask me to cook more rice..just like yesterday. And being typically herself, right after dinner, she slept.

She eats, sleeps and definitely knows her nasi

here she is..sleeping again 🙂


maybe you don’t love me anymore

That was what Celeste asked of me 2 days ago and I was rather taken aback.

We had just finished shower, when I told Celeste that I was throwing her soiled school uniform into the laundry bag (and to wait for me to change her)

I guessed she didn’t hear me and she asked almost teary eyes, where did I go? When I told her where I went, she said, “your forgot to tell me arr? Maybe you dont love me anymore”.

I assured her that I love her very much, hugging her tightly and kissed her.

Celeste has come to a stage whereby I would need to inform her of my whereabouts or whatever I intend to do. Just like when she saw me eating cashew nuts, without offering her. She came over and took the whole packet of the nuts and started to enjoy them herself.

We love our nuts, yes. Most importantly, we love each other.

eating cashew nuts

violon premiere lecon

Yesterday was Celeste’s first lesson on violin officially and I am already having headache.  She loved her first lesson despite comtemplated whether she wanted to go ahead with the lesson early in the day.

I convinced her to give it a try, at least and decide later. I guess my strategy worked as she was so excited when she was loaned a violin to practise with. If she is still keen after the initial lesson, then she will be having her own violin to practise with.

And I need to practise too, (to guide and support) with a book full of “bean sprouts” which is my headache as I am not musically inclined .The only musical instrument I use to play (many moons ago) was a bamboo flute which only has holes and not strings. Much simpler with a flute.

Celeste with her violin

my headache..musical bean sprout

3 feet apart..the very least

I was trying to pay my phone bill yesterday, using  SAM (self -sevice automated machine), which is similar to AXS and me being a virgin (with SAM anyway), I  politely gestured to the person behind me to go ahead (as I wanted to observe how to make payment etc).

I was like, at least 2 feet behind him and this actually made him wary of my intention. He kept looking back, pretending to look elsewhere and at the same time, had a quick glance at me making sure I wasn’t having a knife in my hand. 

I am sure he isn’t gay and even if he is, I am sure I am not his type  (how sexy or macho can you get if you were wearing flip flops, bermuda and a trolley full of groceries?)

Then I remembered I am supposed to be standing at least 3 feet apart to the person in front of you. I do think it’s only polite to do so, unlike back in Malaysia, you can actually hear the person behind you, literally breathing over your shoulder!

I have to remind least 3 feet apart.

At least.

polite to do so

a sunday with jasmin

Yesterday was a rather exhaustive day as we went out early in the afternoon and reached home right after 8pm.

 Jasmine, a close friend of both Carment and Shin came down for business trip and we met at Raffles Place shopping complex for high tea at Plaza Market cafe. Been to this place a couple of times and the only thing that caught our fancy was its durian pudding. It’s almost pure durian pulp and it won’t dissappoint durian aficianados!

By 5pm, we were at K Suites for karaoke session at Bugis Junction. As I am terrified of singing, I excused myself  and went for a “10 minute” haircut. Carment has been complaining about my hairstyle, saying my look was “ng tim tong” or loosely translated as “doesn’t cut it”. Siew mentioned my previous hairstyles were more upmarket, unlike now 😦

This time, I guess I look much better after the hair cut as Carment gave an approving nod though she prefers me to have it shorter.

For the rest of the karaoke session, I was youtubing “Barbie” movie with Celeste to keep her occupied while the rest of the gals sang their hearts out.

Will meet up again for dinner before Jasmine leaves. 

jasmin with celeste









waiting for my haircut

first choice, once again

Singapore has done it again.

For the 11th year in the running  Singapore retained its number one placing as the preferred city to stay, for Asian expatriates.

This is mainly due to its infrastructure and low crime rates, which I totally agree hands down.

And of course its air quality. Cycling is the current fad, where more people starts to cycle to work as well as well as taking up cycling as a form of healthy activity.

story telling and looking the part

I have to look the part when’ever I am story telling for Celeste. And yesterday was about  “princess Aurora” in “the Magpie’s song”.

I was made, or rather induced to put on a so-called “Crown” and I was made the “King” for the night. Celeste admitted I looked cute. Not regal, darling?

Moments later, she said I looked ridiculous.

It’s hard to be a storyteller, but someone has to do it.

cute or regal or even ridiculous?

Celeste in her princess mode